Director Carolyn Howarth has put together a lively production that moves forward to a martial beat, features some terrific swordplay and swarms with interestingly eccentric characters.

Festival’s “original practices” production sells out for third year in a row

Enrollment for new graduate-level program begins in August

Double your pleasure with CSF comedy

At the intermission of Equivocation, this summer’s traditional non-Shakespeare-but-related-to-Shakespeare offering from the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, I found myself exultant, almost floating along the aisle to the lobby.

(Right, top: Kristin Chenoweth wears Settje's corset at the 2015 Tony Awards. Bottom: Settje works with a stitcher in the costume shop in Summer 2016.

Shakespeare veteran Jim Helsinger directs the epic love story in July and August

The Shakespeare festival was nominated for outstanding actor in “Henry V,” supporting actor in “Much Ado About Nothing,” and costume design in “Wittenberg” and “Much Ado About Nothing.”

(Right: Benjamin Bonenfant in "Henry V." Photo by Jennifer M Koskinen.)