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There are...serious passages of genuine theological exegesis and argument, as well as many laugh lines, particularly when the audience recognizes actual lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet popping up in fractured and surprising ways.

Kent's combat work naturally led him to more and more Shakespearean roles, until now he's as well-known as a stalwart interpreter of the Bard as he is as a master at choreographing stage violence.

Lisa Wolpe and Emmy Award-winning actor Peter Macon debut with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival.

...the execution is definitely on target in the CSF's current production of the piece, as director Jim Helsinger and a skilled cast tackle the "merry war" of romance, revenge and wry wit with a stirring amount of subtlety, grace and humor.

Beatrice's wit is sharp as a scalpel, though Morosco gets to exploit some of her physical comedy chops as well. Hilton's Benedick enjoys even more full-body humor.

Boulder-based playwright David Davalos presents comedic prequel to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

The artistic legacy of the Western world's greatest playwright is no simple matter, and any actor, director or producer interested in making the Bard's poetry breathe for an audience in 2015 has to invest plenty of hard work.

CSF Producing Artistic Director Tim Orr and festival stage actors collaborate with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Summer rain is common in Colorado and usually passes within 20 to 30 minutes.