...the execution is definitely on target in the CSF's current production of the piece, as director Jim Helsinger and a skilled cast tackle the "merry war" of romance, revenge and wry wit with a stirring amount of subtlety, grace and humor.

Beatrice's wit is sharp as a scalpel, though Morosco gets to exploit some of her physical comedy chops as well. Hilton's Benedick enjoys even more full-body humor.

Boulder-based playwright David Davalos presents comedic prequel to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”

The artistic legacy of the Western world's greatest playwright is no simple matter, and any actor, director or producer interested in making the Bard's poetry breathe for an audience in 2015 has to invest plenty of hard work.

CSF Producing Artistic Director Tim Orr and festival stage actors collaborate with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Summer rain is common in Colorado and usually passes within 20 to 30 minutes.

The Colorado Shakespeare Festival opens...with, according to John Moore, a slate that features the tried and the true, the black and the blue-blooded. Once again, the acclaimed repertory company in Boulder will be populated with many recognizable faces from the Denver Center who will join with notable actors from the local and national theatre communities.

Leading voice in producing Shakespeare to direct Much Ado About Nothing: Getting Jim Helsinger to come to Boulder was a coup. “Jim is well-known in the industry as a brilliant artist and leading producer of Shakespeare’s works,” says Tim Orr, Producing Artistic Director of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. “In his CSF directorial debut in Much Ado About Nothing, he brings a range of impressive directing credits, as well as first-hand experience as an actor and playwright.”

When the Colorado Shakespeare Festival opens its 58th season on June 6 (following a preview performance on June 5), audiences are sure to be charmed by sparring lovers Beatrice and Benedick played by real-life couple Vanessa Morosco and Peter Simon Hilton in Much Ado About Nothing. It will be the first time the duo has performed the romantic rivals opposite one another.