CSF volunteer ushers helps to greet, seat, and assist our patrons. Duties may include taking tickets, handing out programs, monitoring entry to designated picnicking areas, and directing patrons to their seats and to restrooms. Ushers are also expected to help tidy up the house of the theatre after every performance and enforce our licensed areas for alcohol consumption.  Ushers are expected to be able to lift approximately 25 pounds (a small stack of seatbacks).

Click here for more info and to sign up for ushering in the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre
Click here for more info and to sign up for ushering in the University Theatre (Indoors)

Community Experience for High School Students

The office of CSF Education facilitates work-place practicum for high school students through their schools. Practicum positions may last anywhere from four weeks, in the summer, up to nine months, during the school year. Duties vary, from Camp Shakespeare stage management to clerical support for our school-year programs. To apply, first verify credit options with your school counselor, then email Amanda Giguere, Literary Manager and Education Associate.