NEWS CSF cooperates with police on staged gunfire in 'Macbeth'

June 28, 2013

By Brittany Anas

Daily Camera


Leading up to an intense gunfight scene in a rehearsal of "Macbeth" on Thursday, weapons director Geoffrey Kent gave a rallying call to actors: "Are you ready to die horribly?"

And, with that, actors — who have gone through extensive training with the prop guns -- took their places to rehearse a gruesome scene in one of William Shakespeare's darkest tragedies.


The Colorado Shakespeare Festival's production of "Macbeth," which opens Saturday at the University of Colorado, is reimagined to take place in Afghanistan on the eve of the Soviet invasion.

On a campus where Nerf and toy guns are banned and at a time when people's sensitivities are heightened about school shootings, those behind the play are following several safety measures,

using blank-fire guns and alerting the public of war noises coming from the theater.


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Sean Scrutchins, left, and Steven Cole Hughes rehearse a gun battle for 'Macbeth.' Photo by Jeremy Papasso, Daily Camera.