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How do I buy tickets?

You may buy tickets online at coloradoshakes.org. You may also call the box office at 303-492-8008 or walk up to the ticket window at 972 Broadway in Boulder. The box office is open year-round from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Can I exchange my ticket?

Ticket exchanges are free for subscribers. Single-ticket buyers are charged $3 per seat to exchange. All exchanges must be made at least one business day in advance of a performance. When exchanging into a higher-priced performance or seat(s), the difference in ticket price must be paid before the exchange can be completed. No refunds are given for exchanges into lower-priced performances or seats. Ticket exchanges are subject to seat availability. CSF does not make refunds on any purchases.

What is a preview performance?

Preview performances afford audiences a "sneak peek" at the completed production and offer a reduced ticket price. Be the first audience to see the play in its entirety with directors and designers in the house. Preview performances are held the night prior to opening night.

Where is the best place to park for a performance?

There is street parking along University Avenue and in the University Hill area. Many patrons use the university’s Euclid Autopark, which is about a five-minute walk from the theaters. Go here for more information on parking.

What should I wear?

Watching Shakespeare in the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre on a warm summer evening is an experience you won’t forget. While the weather in Boulder is typically warm during CSF’s summer season, there are occasional rain showers and thunderstorms and it can be cool in the later evening.

So what should you wear? First of all, we’re all friends here and anything from casual — shorts and flip-flops — to elegant — what’s your pleasure? — is just fine.

Usually the theater is more than comfortable by curtain time, but it can be quite warm for early shows, so light dress is advisable. We suggest you bring light wrap of some kind, such as a sweater or wind jacket. And we encourage patrons to bring some kind of light rain gear in case the weather turns wet. (Open umbrellas are not allowed in the theater.)

How long are the plays?

Generally speaking, the plays run between two and three hours, with intermission.

Will I be able to understand the plays?

Most people become attuned to the rhythms of the language after five to 10 minutes. A program, provided free to audience members, has play synopses, character listings and information provided by directors.

What happens if it rains?

Performances will proceed in the rain unless weather conditions become threatening to performers or the audience. Open umbrellas are not permitted during performances. If a performance is canceled before intermission due to weather, ticket stubs may be exchanged at the box office for a ticket to another performance, subject to availability. Exchanges must be made within one week of rain-out. There will be no refund or exchanges for shows canceled after intermission. 

What is your connection to the University of Colorado?

We are a non-profit, professional theater company that was launched by and remains in association with the University of Colorado Boulder. The university supports our work in many ways, including providing performance and rehearsal space, access to costume, crafts and scene shops and marketing and box-office services.

Are you funded by the State of Colorado?

 The CSF relies in part on state funds. Ninety percent of our support comes from ticket sales, tax-deductible donations from our patrons and our education programs. The university provides about 10 percent of our budgeted revenue, in exchange for our integration with and support of the academic mission of the CU-Boulder College of Arts and Sciences.

Do you use student performers?

Our company is made up primarily of professional actors, directors, craftspeople and technicians hired from around the country and even from overseas. As part of our ongoing commitment to the educational mission of the University of Colorado Boulder, we also provide internships and employment experience to CU students in performing arts and other programs, including in some roles onstage.