REVIEW — A complex, entertaining, well-acted 'Henry IV, Part 1'

July 24, 2014

Juliet Wittman, Westword

One of the wonderful things about Henry IV, Part 1, now receiving a strong production at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, is the way it's structured — the parallels drawn, the echoes and resonances. 


The primary characters are brilliantly drawn, complex, entertaining, and tantalizingly morally ambiguous. ...  Geoffrey Kent comes close to galloping away with the entire production in the role; his Hotspur is tough and quick to anger but also very funny, and both rough and tender with his wife, Kate, portrayed by Jamie Anne Romero in a lovely performance. ... As Hal, Benjamin Bonenfant provides a strong balance to Kent's Hotspur. A lightweight, capering imp at the beginning — though showing hints of ruthless determination — he grows into his royal role in front of our eyes. ... Michael Winters is a deft, funny Falstaff. Sam Gregory gives a wonderfully committed performance as the perplexed, very human king, balancing skillfully between anguish and unexpected humor.


(CSF's Henry IV, Part 1 is) a well-acted and sometimes inspiring production.

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Photo: Left to right, Benjamin Bonenfant as Prince Hal, Jenna Bainbridge as Lady Mortimer and Peter Simon Hilton as Glendower. Patrick Campbell/University of Colorado.