REVIEW (Boulder Weekly): U lke Shkspr? More than a few laughs come when the Bard gets abridged

June 20, 2013

By David Accomazzo

Boulder Weekly

The first thing I notice when I find my seat for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)is that black-clad stagehands are all over the stage, moving various props and other junk around.


(T)he actors pull off the script beautifully. There are some truly funny parts, such as a creative use of “All the Single Ladies” during Romeo and Juliet, and the poignant observation that “We’ve found that Shakespeare’s tragedies are way funnier than his comedies,” since the comedies all basically recycle the same plot. There is an interactive demonstration of Ophelia’s psychological motivations during the presentation ofHamlet that is genuinely interesting, educational and surprisingly powerful.

Complete Works must be an actor’s dream, as each actor plays more a dozen roles, and the trio at the CSF admirably takes on the task. For Bard lovers and haters alike, there is much to enjoy.