REVIEW 'Merry Wives' offers 'timeless comedy' and 'insights about romance'

July 4, 2014

By A.H. Goldstein

Daily Camera


The creative crew behind the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's production of "The Merry Wives of Windsor" certainly knows how to make the most of a blank dramatic canvas.


It's a rom-com of the Elizabethan age, veering from the heavy themes of politics, history and human happiness so carefully explored in the rest of the canon.


Veteran television and stage actor Michael Winters takes up the demands of that role admirably. Some of the comedy's funniest moments come in Winters' delivery of Falstaff's colorful musings about his own obesity and moral shortfalls.


As the arrogant and blustering French Doctor Caius, Geoffrey Kent is a comedic highlight, delivering lines in an overstated accent worthy of Monty Python and drawing on his full range of skills as CSF's resident fight coordinator during a duel featuring golf clubs and a bible. 

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