REVIEW 'Richard II': 'CSF goes deep with power play'

July 30, 2013

By Juliet Wittman


There's no real hero in Richard II. In fact, everyone in the play is pretty wicked. Watching the Colorado Shakespeare Festival production, I remembered a historian's comment after a corpse assumed to be Richard III was found under a parking lot in Leicester. Richard's indefatigable defenders had hoped this corpse would show that Richard wasn't as evil as Shakespeare had made him out to be and hadn't murdered the princes in the Tower (heavy lifting for a corpse, but never mind) — but this historian pointed out that it made little difference whether Richard or his successor, Henry Tudor, had killed the princes: Murdering anyone who stood between you and the throne was standard practice at the time. What a long way we've come, I thought, shuddering.

Photo: Chip Persons as Richard II. By Zachary Andrews.

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