Trapeze, puppets, monsters and lovers: CSF 2014 opens June 7 with 'The Tempest'

June 2, 2014

Following its critically acclaimed, popular 2013 season, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival kicks off its 57th season with “The Tempest” on June 7. 

“‘The Tempest’ is a ‘kitchen sink’ romance with something for everyone: Young lovers, magic, puppets, trapeze, half-man and half-fish, a wizard with vengeance issues and more,” says director Geoffrey Kent, who also directed CSF’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” named Best Theater Production of 2013 by Denver’s Westword magazine. 

Shakespeare’s beloved final play includes all the elements that have kept his work alive and fresh for nearly 500 years — magic, romance, high adventure, humor and pathos. CSF’s production will feature aerial work, to puppetry and performances by festival favorites as well as nationally known actors. 

“Our production is set on an island amidst the ruin of shipwrecks and should afford us an excellent ‘jungle gym’ on which to stage the play,” says Kent, also a long-time acting favorite and fight coach for CSF. 

Kent’s vision for the play includes plenty of comedy. 

“The cast features one of my favorite comedic actors, Sammie Joe Kinnett (Demetrius in 2013’s ‘Midsummer’), who is paired with Rodney Lizcano for some epic comic scenes, including a sing-along,” Kent says. 

English film and stage actor Peter Simon Hilton “is the backbone of our production and brings a lifetime of experience with Shakespeare to our conflicted Prospero,” says the director. “And Kyra Lindsay as Miranda will be the heartbeat and her journey from castaway to princess to falling in love is worth a ticket all by herself.”

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Photo: Vanessa Morosco as Ariel. Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado.